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Finally, Businesses can get Profitable, Stylish Videos and  SEO Strategy From One Reliable Source.
Zibadoo, We Create and Promote Your Videos increasing your profits
Creating Video SEO Strategy
We start with a chat over a coffee to discuss what you want to achieve in your web marketing and see if we could work well together. Yes, really, we actuallly meet you – we welcome client contact. Being ‘virtual’ only takes you so far. We are based in London but travel frequently to Finland.
Next we establish your audience & target keywords based on our careful evaluation of your market and your competitors.
We create an optimised YouTube channel with original artwork and a matching Google+ Page. There is a very important synergy between YouTube and Google +.
We create your video(s) and correctly optimise them for swift indexing on YouTube and Google. We make no rash promises, but well designed, optimised videos can appear on Google in as little as 72 hours.
But Isn’t Video Expensive?.
Video production does not have to be expensive, it really depends on what your strategy is. If you are a local business such as a law firm or building service you might only need some ‘explainer’ style videos. We can also do very attractive and stylish typography productions like the example opposite complete with original jingles.
If you are a regional or national enterprise you might need a more corporate approach.
We do business to business Video productions that show what you can do in your field. Or, if you want a cutting edge corporate video with all the 3D effects we can do these too at prices way below what you would pay at a Soho studio.
Video can put substance behind mere keywords. Videos bring keywords to life. When your customers search they can see what it is you actually do and respond more positively towards you.
We use various strategies to boost your video presence. Everything we do is strictly in accordance with Google best practices and webmaster guidelines. .

Call David Miller on +447771 780215 to arrange an initial meeting. There is no charge and absolutely no obligation to proceed.

If you aren’t using video YOUR COMPETITORS WILL.
Video can help you claim your rightful place in your market.

Neglect G+ at your peril.

Google+ and YouTube work hand-in-hand so we must also optimise your G+ presence for maximum results.

We ‘tweet’ it to the world

Having a twitter following is an essential part of social marketing – you need to show ‘social proof’.

Facebook is not just for sharing photos of the kids.

We have Facebook experts to create and mange your Facebook fan page and add value to your social marketing.

We syndicate your videos on rss feeds using expert techniques.

News syndication is a very important way to get your videos really noticed online.  We use ultra-sophisticated spam-free techniques to boost this.
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Zibadoo and David Miller
Zibadoo is a new venture for David Miller who has worked online since before there was an ‘online’. ¬†Twenty years of experience building and nurturing his own sites and helping and mentoring dozens of entrepreneurs on their online marketing and SEO strategy. ¬†David has also worked extensively in the advertising industry & in TV commercials production .¬†¬†¬†David now has space in his life for a small group of local clients who want big client treatment¬†and results. All our work is based on a longterm strategy that will satisfy Google standards now and in the future.¬† We promise David will never say that your campaign is ‘going gangbustas’ even if it is!

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